56G QSFP+ Active Optical Cables AOC Hot Plugable 38pin Connector

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Shenzhen China
Brand Name: OLKOPTO
Certification: RoHS FCC CE GS UL FDA etc
Model Number: OLSQ85XA-CDM3
Minimum Order Quantity: 1pc
Packaging Details: Individual package Or 10pcs/pallet Or 20pcs/pallet
Delivery Time: 3-5 working days
Payment Terms: T/T or Net 30 days
Supply Ability: 80-120k per month
Connector Type: QSFP+ To QSFP+ Vender Name: Olinkcom
Juniper Compatible: JNP-56G-AOC-3M Data Rate: 56Gbps
Optional Length: 3m, Etc. Temperature: 0℃ To 70℃
Low Power Consumption: <1.5W Standards: SFF-8436
High Light:

QSFP+ Active Optical Cable


56G Active Optical Cables


qsfp+ aoc

56G QSFP+ Active Optical Cables AOC Hot Plugable 38pin Connector


56G QSFP+ Active Optical Cable AOC JNP-56G-AOC-3M Juniper Networks Compatible



OLSQ85XA-CDM3 is designed so that 56GbE devices are designed with very high port density based on electrical and mechanical specifications.


Product Features

* Fully RoHS Compliant

* Full channel operating up to 56.1Gb/s

* Hot plugable 38pin connector

* Cable length up to 3m

* Low power consumption: <1.5W

* 0℃ to 70℃ operating wide temperature range

* Single +3.3V±5% power supply

* Digital Monitoring feature

* Metal enclose for lower EMI


Absolute Maximum Ratings

Parameter Symbol Min. Max. Unit Note
Supply Voltage Vcc -0.5 3.6 V  
Storage Temperature TS -10 70 °C  
Relative Humidity RH 5 85 %  


Note: Stress in excess of the maximum absolute ratings can cause permanent damage to the transceiver.


General Operating Characteristics

Parameter Symbol Min. Typ Max. Unit Note
Data Rate DR 1.25 14.025   Gb/s  
Supply Voltage Vcc 3.13 3.3 3.47 V  
Supply Current Icc5     450 mA  
Operating Case Temp. Tc 0   70 °C  


Optical Characteristics (TOP(C) = 0 to 70 , VCC = 3.13 to 3.47 V)

Parameter Symbol Min. Typ Max. Unit Note
Operating Wavelength λ 840 850 860 nm  
Output Optical Eye Compliant with IEEE 0802.3ae
Operating Wavelength   840   860 nm  


Electrical Characteristics (TOP(C) = 0 to 70 , VCC = 3.13 to 3.47 V)

Parameter Symbol Min. Typ Max. Unit Note
ModSelL-Module Select VOL 0   0.8 V  
ModSelL-Module Unselect VOH 2.5   VCC V  
LPMode-Low Power Mode VIL 0   0.8 V  
LPMode-Normal Operation VIH 2.5   VCC+0.3 V  
ResetL-Reset VIL 0   0.8 V  
ResetL-Normal Operation VIH 2.5   VCC+0.3 V  
ModPrsL-Normal Operation VOL 0   0.4 V  
IntL-Interrupt VOL 0   0.4 V  
IntL-Normal Operation VOH 2.4   VCC V  


Active cable input electrical characteristics
Differential Data Input Voltage VIH-VIL 200   1600 mVpp 1
Differential Input Impedance RIN 90 100 110 Ω  
TX-Disable Input Voltage-Low VIL 0   0.8 V 2
TX-Disable Input Voltage-High VIH 2.0   VCC V 2
TX-Fault Output Voltage-Low VOL 0   0.8 V 3
TX-Fault Output Voltage-High VOH 2.0   VCC V 3
Active cable output electrical characteristics
Differential Data Output Voltage



350   800 mV 1

Differential Output


ROUT   100   Ω  

LOS-Asserted Output


VOL 0   0.8 V 3



1. Average power figures are informative only, per IEEE 802.3ae.

2. Measured at the BER less than 1E-12, back to back. The measure pattern is PRBS 231-1 with worst ER=4.5@ 10.3125Gb/s.

3. Internal AC coupled

4. TX-Disable has an internal 4.7KΩ to 10 KΩ pull-up to VccT

5. Measure with 4.7KΩ pull-up to Vcc on host board


Cable Mechanical Specifications

Parameter Value Units
Diameter 3 Mm
Minimum bend radius 30 Mm



Length tolerance

Length < 1 m: +5 /-0 Cm
1 m ≤length ≤ 4.5 m: +15 / -0 Cm
5 m ≤length ≤ 14.5 m: +30 / -0 Cm
Length≥15.0 m +2% / -0 m
Cable color Orange(OM2),Aqua(OM3),Megenta(OM4)  


Ordering Information

Part Number Description
OLSQ85XA-CDM3 QSFP+, up to 56Gb/s, AOC, 0~70℃, with Digital Diagnostic Monitor

Contact Details

WhatsApp : +8618695187695