QSFP28 CWDM4 Transceiver Module DOM 2km LC MMF Support MikroTik Compatibiliy

Basic Information
Place of Origin: SZ China
Brand Name: OLKOPTO
Certification: ISO9001,ISO14001,OHSAS18001
Model Number: OLSQXXTXM-CD02
Minimum Order Quantity: 1pcs
Packaging Details: Individual package OR 10 pcs/ pallet OR 20 pcs/ pallet
Delivery Time: 3-5 working days
Payment Terms: TT/Net 30days
Supply Ability: 80-100k per month
Part Number: OLSQXXTXM-CD02 Data Rate: 100G
Wavelength: CWDM4 Transmission Distance: 2km

QSFP28 CWDM4 Transceiver Module DOM 2km LC MMF Support Juniper 

QSFP28 CWDM4 Transceiver Module DOM 2km LC MMF Support MikroTik Compatibiliy


Product Features

● Duplex LC receptacle optical interface

● Single +3.3V power supply

● Hot-pluggable QSFP28 MSA form factor

● 4x25G Electrical Serial Interface

● AC coupling of CML signals

● Transmitter: cooled 4x25Gb/s CWDM TOSA (1271,1291,1311,1331nm)

● Receiver: 4x25Gb/s PIN ROSA

● Low power dissipation(Max:3.5W)

● Built in digital diagnostic function

● Operating case temperature range:0℃ to 70℃

● Compliant with 100GBASE

● I2C Communication Interface




● Infiniband QDR and DDR interconnects

● 100G Datacom connections



● Compliant with IEEE 802.3bm CAUI-4 Interface

● Compliant with QSFP28 MSA hardware specifications

● Compliant with CWDM4 MSA

● Compliant with RoHS


Functional Description

●OLSQXXTXM-CD02 optical transceiver integrates the transmit and receive path onto one module.

●On the transmit side, four lanes of serial data streams are recovered, retimed,and passed on to four laser drivers, which control four CWDM with ●1271, 1291, 1311, and 1331 nm center wavelengths.

●The optical signals are then multiplexed into a single-mode fiber through an industry-standard LC connector.

●On the receive side, four lanes of optical data streams are optically demultiplexed by an integrated optical demultiplexer.

●Each data steam is recovered by a PIN photodetector and transimpedance amplifier, retimed, and passed on to an output driver.

●This module features a hot-pluggable electrical interface, low power consumption, and 2-wire serial interface.



Optical Characteristics

(Tested under recommended operating conditions,unless otherwise noted)

Parameter Symbol Unit Min Typ Max Notes
Signaling rate, each lane   Gb/s 25.78125 ±100 ppm 1
Four Lane Wavelength Range λ1 nm 1264.5 1271 1277.5  
λ2 1284.5 1291 1297.5  
λ3 1304.5 1311 1317.5  
λ4 1324.5 1331 1337.5  
Total launch power Pout dBm     8.5  
Average launch power, each lane Pavg dBm -6.5   2.5 2
Optical Modulation Amplitude (OMA), each lane POMA dBm -4.0   2.5  
Extinction ratio ER dB 3.5      
Side-mode suppression ratio SMSR dB 30      

Average launch power of OFF

transmitter, per lane

POFF dBm     -30  
Optical return loss tolerance   dB     20  
Transmitter reflectance   dB     –12  
Transmitter eye mask {X1, X2, X3, Y1, Y2, Y3}     {0.31, 0.4, 0.45, 0.34, 0.38, 0.4} 3
Receive Rate for Each Lane   Gb/s 25.78125 ±100 ppm 4
Four Lane Wavelength Range λ1 nm 1264.5 1271 1277.5  
λ2 1284.5 1291 1297.5  
λ3 1304.5 1311 1317.5  
λ4 1324.5 1331 1337.5  
Overload Input Optical Power Pmax dBm 3.5      

Average Receive Power for Each


Pin dBm -11.2   2.5 5
Receiver Sensitivity(OMA)per lane Psens1 dBm     -10 6
Stressed Sensitivity(OMA) per lane Psens2 dBm     -7.3 7
Receiver reflectance RL dB     -26  
Los De-Assert Pd dBm     -11.6  
Los Assert Pa dBm -24      
Loss Hysteresis Pd-Pa dBm   2    


1. Transmitter consists of 4 lasers operating at 25.78Gb/s each.

2. Average launch power, each lane (min) is informative and not the principal indicator of signal strength. A transmitter with launch power below this value cannot be compliant; however, a value above this does not ensure compliance.

3. Hit ratio 5x10-5.

4. Receiver consists of 4 photodetectors operating at 25.78Gb/s each.

5. Minimum value is informative, equals min TxOMA with infinite ER and max channel insertion loss.

6. Sensitivity is specified at 5x10-5 BER

7. Measured with CWDM4 MSA2 conformance test signal at TP3 for 5x10-5 BER



More details of our products:

High Reliable Optical Components and Excellent Design

1.DLB laser and PIN photodiode

2.Thick Gold Finger


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Comprehensive Performance Test with our Advanced Equipment
  • Certified and tested on the automatic quality control system, to ensure the high performance in the actual working environment.Fully Tested for compatibility in our matched switches.

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  • Anti-static box
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